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Time to practice …

It has been full speed ahead since the beginning of September and we have absorbed a lot of new knowledge from the interesting lectures, seminars and assignments during the course of the specialist programme. During the weeks with seminars we have been able to spend time at the offices in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm getting to know other parts of the company.

For a few weeks now we have been at our home office applying what we have learnt from the weeks with seminars and lectures to real cases, with the support and guidance of our supervisors. The assignments have, for example, included translating claims into Swedish, drafting patent applications and carrying out a novelty search.

Together with the other participants in the specialist programme from Gothenburg, we also have had time to entertain our colleagues with the annual “Lucia-tåget” at the office. Lucky for us, it’s not the voice that counts in this profession.

In a few weeks we will return to a third seminar period which will include seminars in sales technique, business planning, corporate analysis and a continuation of application drafting. These upcoming months will probably be as interesting and motivating as these past months, so I am looking forward to an exciting spring.

Sara Lönn, Associate